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In Loving Memory

Along with new puppies and kittens, each year brings the loss of some of our old friends.  Their memories bring us tears and laughter and will stay in our hearts forever.  If you would like your pet to appear here, please send us a photo and a short writeup.

Levi Five-O-One Blues UDX NA NAJ HCT

September 2, 1987– June 2, 2004

Loved and missed by Dr. Golatzki

Click here for Levi’s page

Morris  “Mo Man”

1983?-February 11, 2003

Loved and missed by the Edgewood Animal Clinic Staff

Click here for Mo’s page

Miss Kitty

1988 (?) to August 2001

Loved and missed by the Edgewood Animal Clinic Staff


Miss Kitty showed up one day and never left.  She was one of the

clinic cats that I inherited when I bought the practice.  After we computerized, she didn’t like the front desk much and spent most of her day in my office just waiting for a chance to ambush one of the dogs (her greatest delight).  We lost Miss Kitty after a short battle with lymphoma.  I still miss her when I work in my office at night.

“Phinneas T. Cat”

May 1986– January 18, 2005

Phinnie nearly made it to 19 years old, but after battling his chronic sinus problems for years he finally succumbed to liver cancer.  He was the first pet I had when living on my own, and my “practice patient” all through vet school.  I know he and Levi are wrestling together again somewhere.

“Tycho” Hayes

June 1993- April 3 2006

Tycho belonged to our assistant Amy and spent the past year or two of his life coming to work so she could manage his chronic health issues (immune mediated thrombocytopenia, diabetes, and complications resulting from treatment of these conditions).   Many clients miss our “bearskin rug”!

“Simba” Golatzki

 2004-Oct 2, 2006

One morning we came to work and found a little orange kitten tied to the front door.  We lost Simba this fall to a sudden progression of his chronic kidney disease.  He is sadly missed by his best buddy HoppyCat.

“Boo” Golatzki


Boo was Dr Golatzki’s parents’ cat whom we lost very unexpectedly this spring to an aortic thrombus.  Boo was a very special, lovable cat...except when he came to the clinic when he turned into a holy terror!

Pars Jesse James Rides Again UDX2 RA JH AX NAP MXJ NJP  Loved and missed by Patti Bergen (10/95-12/06)

JJ spent many days at our office during the years Patti worked as a receptionist.  He was truly a once in a lifetime dog for Patti.  JJ was one of our “cradle to grave” patients and we will always remember his sweet temperament and cold nose!  Patti went to be with JJ in 2011 and I know he was waiting for her.

Geno Vom Mika Ashmead VCD-1 TDX


August 2000-October 2006

Loved and missed by Charlene Reese

We lost Katie on October 13 2004.  Katie is missed by Dan and Sue Brady and their family.  Katie was one of the “original” patients when Dr. Golatzki bought the practice in 1991.

“Samson” Kovarik

Loved and missed by the Peggy Kovarik family

1996-January 25,2005



Loved and missed by Diane Carr



Jan 1995-Dec 2009

Loved and missed by the Edgewood Animal Clinic staff


GROUCH was a full time clinic resident.  He originally belonged to technician Pam Schussel who moved to England with her family.  Rather than go through six months of quarantine Grouch came to live with us in 1997.  Grouch ruled the clinic (and no, he’s not named for his personality, but for his resemblance to Oscar the Grouch!  We lost Grouch 12/09 and miss him terribly.  He had a personality like no other.   For his page click here.


Devoncroft Pocket Rocket CDX RN HT OA OAJ NF

June 17, 1997-Feb 12, 2009


Andy was Dr. Golatzki’s “heart” dog;  he came to work daily and never found an activity he didn’t love.  Andy passed away suddenly two days before what was to be his retirement run in agility.  Thankfully his son and grandson are still here with us.  Click here for Andy’s page and here for his tribute on my blog. 

Hoppy Cat
Dec 1993-Dec 2009

Hoppy came to the clinic the victim of a fanbelt and lost one of his front legs and part of a lip to gangrene.  Though he was not beautiful, he was terribly sweet and lived out the rest of his life at Dr. Golatzki’s house.  He and his buddy Simba spent most of their lives together.

“Harley” Golatzki

April 21, 1998– May 10, 2011


Harley was Dr. Golatzki’s parents’ dog.  He was a great dog and good buddy to Cory and Robbie.  You can see more about Harley by clicking HERE for his tribute page.

“Roxy” Schworer

October 1998-May 2011

Loved and Missed by Amy and Marc Schworer

Roxy was one of our “cradle to grave” patients.  She was always a good girl and happy to see us.  We will miss her!