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   Online pharmacies have become very popular for their convenience and ease of use.  However, problems with them abound including frequent issues with counterfeit or “grey market” drugs and incorrectly filled or substituted prescriptions.  In order to maximize convenience for our clients and minimize our inventory costs, we are pleased to  partner with Vetsource to offer an reliable online pharmacy.  All prescriptions through Vetsource come from our regular distributors and are approved personally by our doctors.  The same guarantees and rebate offers that are good on products we sell in clinic apply.  We do hope that when possible, you will continue to purchase from us directly as we try to offer your best pricing options on those products and the in clinic purchases help to keep your costs on medical services down.  But for  those items we don’t regularly stock, flea products during the off season, and when home delivery is ideal we hope you use our Vetsource pharmacy.  Remember ALL prescriptions filled through our pharmacy must follow the same guidelines as those purchased in clinic.  A valid client/patient/doctor relationship must exist, which means minimally we must have seen your pet within the last 12 months.  For some medications more frequent visits, testing or monitoring may be required.  Your veterinarian will choose the medications she feels best for your pet. 


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