Got an emergency? 

We work with the best.

No need to worry when your emergency happens after hours- we are lucky to have several options for state of the art emergency and specialty care.

When the unexpected happens, we have backup standing by.

We are very lucky to have access to two state of the art, 24 hour emergency and specialty centers for after hours, specialty referral, and critical care.  Both are just a short drive away and are available to help when unplanned situations arise.

24/7 emergency care just a 20 minute drive away.

Medvet offers state of he art emergency, critical care, and specialty referral services round the clock.  Located on Redbank Road in Cincinnati it’s just a short drive up I-71.  They also have Dayton, Columbus, and Lexington locations should the Cincinnati location have extreme wait times.  Please check in online before leaving- just click the button below!


ASPCA Pet Poison Hotline

Emergency and critical care when we can’t be there.

Care Center is our second option, just 30 minutes away off of I-275 in Blue Ash.  They also offer 24 hour emergency, critical care and specialty services and also have a Dayton office should the Cincinnati location be full.


Think your pet may have been poisoned?.

If you think your pet may have been exposed to or ingested a toxin, the ASPCA Pet Poison Hotline is a good option for advice on how best to proceed.  If they recommend seeking emergency care, they can open a case number and consult with the emergency clinician about treatment options.  Consultation fee applies.


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